About The SEEDS Program

SEEDS stands for Stress management, Education, Exercise, Diet, and Sleep. These core principles, along with having a supportive network of people and engaging in fun activities every day, are how we have seen many families manage irritable bowel syndrome(IBS) and recurrent abdominal pain (RAP) better. SEEDS is a program Dr. Lawson, a gastroenterologist, and Dr. Del Pozo, a health psychologist, developed to help children with IBS/RAP and their families and keep it from developing into a life-long problem.

StressStress Management

This includes intentional and regular relaxation, thinking about what is stressful in a new way, not buying into your thoughts all the time, challenging your beliefs, accepting feelings for what they are, and seeking help for anxiety and depression when necessary.

EducationEducation and Reassurance

This includes learning facts about IBS, dispelling myths, and accepting reassurance that IBS is real, but not life threatening. It is about learning how to communicate better and more assertively; setting healthy, consistent, loving, and supportive limits; and, most of all, listening to each other.


Daily movement is a necessary good for the body and mind and gut. It is best in moderation, practiced frequently, and incorporated with something enjoyable. There are four main reasons to exercise for IBS, four types of exercises, and four examples of each.


Diet includes what and especially how you eat for IBS symptoms. Diet can be altered to manage diarrhea, constipation, gas, and bloating, as well as stomach pain. Do not be rigid or controlling with food, but nurture an enjoyable relationship with your child and food. Trust your child will eat what he or she needs from the good options you prepare.


Schedule enough time for sleep and keep a regular sleep-wake routine that includes waking the same time every day. Avoid sleeping in and do not spend time in bed worrying. There are many internal and external influences on sleep, and it is something we can train our brains to do better.